What we do

Foodo is a food ordering and discovery service that connects you with restaurants around you. We allow you to find new restaurants, browse menus, pre-order and pay for food, and even find deals and specials directly from your phone. Whether you're looking for a burrito, a burger, or a Thai place with a patio and salsa lessons, we've got you covered! We use your location to find restaurants wherever you are, allowing you a smooth and seamless experience from the moment hunger strikes until you get food in your stomach.

No more waiting in line.
No more fumbling for your wallet at the counter.
No more waiting on the side for your food to be prepared.
It's all at your fingertips wherever you are.

It all started one ordinary evening.....

Dave and Marcel were cracking a few beers catching up on life when Marcel threw out an idea he had been pondering about for some time. Being restaurant connoisseurs (Marcel eating out 3 times a day and Dave never able to make up his mind on where the heck to eat), they both thought there could be a much better way to get good food in their stomachs. Finding out about new places around town, knowing what food they have to offer, and of course.... ordering food without having to be there – were amongst the hundreds of ideas tossed around over the next few intense months. Little did they know then this was the beginning of a journey that would take them onto the path of discovery, innovation, entrepreneurship.... and all out mayhem.

Marcel Bradea

Founder, CPO View Marcel Bradea's profile on LinkedIn

Half tech warrior. Half design mastermind. A past Googler, constant UX innovator and University of Waterloo Computer Science graduate, Marcel is the visionary and lead engineer behind the products at Foodo.

Superpowers: Whiteboarding, code crunching, Photoshopping, messing up cooking.

Dave Walsh

Founder, CEO View Marcel Bradea's profile on LinkedIn

The business behemoth. Whether it's rallying up restaurants, pitching investors, forming key partnerships, or battling it out with Marcel on the whiteboard – Dave's background in motivating, training and running sales teams has been playing a pivotal role in establishing the business and marketing strategies at Foodo.

Superpowers: Talking, motivating, convincing, philosophising. Cooking up a storm.